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In an attempt to seperate myself from my need to control my mediums, I attempted to paint a pair of works with the same subject matter with my left hand, allowing for areas of reinterpretation.

Triggered Translations
In this series my focus is to draw and paint in such a manner that they are at once formal depictions and a shattering of this illusion. By bringing these forms together and then abstracting them through variant brushstrokes or areas of overlap, I hope to disassociate the viewer’s preconceived understanding of the materials. Reinterpreting the objects, I allow free association to occur in the spaces between the literal. They are at once an expression of depth on a two-dimensional plane, and a shattering of this illusion. Without the ability to perceive these objects in space, we are unable to categorize these objects. Doors are opened to appreciate a new way of seeing their formal beauty, extending beyond a formal depiction into a nontraditional reconfiguration.

"Covet 4"
"Covet 4"
oil on canvas.
30" x 40"